Ever wondered why highly competent people in your team or organisation (perhaps even yourself) are not performing at their best, or not responding to change as openly as you would have expected?

Your Psychological Capital (PsyCap) the powerful combination of your confidence, hope, resilience and optimism, could be the answer.

PsyCap is what lies below the tip of the iceberg. It relates to your (and your team members) levels of:

  • Confidence (or self-efficacy) to take on and put in the necessary effort to succeed at challenging tasks;
  • Hope (desire, ambition or expectations) to persevere and, when necessary, to change direction to reach goals in order to succeed;
  • Resilience to face problems and adversity, sustain and bounce back and even go beyond to attain success; and
  • Optimism to believe that you will succeed and consistently generate good versus bad outcomes, now and in the future.

Why does PsyCap matter?

Research clearly indicates that people with high levels of PsyCap:

  • have higher levels of job satisfaction, organisational commitment and well-being at work;
  • are highly energised and exhibit higher performance over longer periods of time;
  • generate multiple solutions to problems, have positive expectations about future results and respond positively to setbacks; and
  • are more open and less cynical about change in their organisations. Conversely, people with low levels of PsyCap display cynicism toward change.

PsyCap is particularly critical during times of organisational change

PsyCap also plays an important role in developing intrapreneurial teams – those teams who act like an entrepreneur while working within a large organisation and allow for innovation and development to occur.

What can you do to enhance your PsyCap?

PsyCap can be measured and enhanced through training and coaching.  You can find out more about it here:  Psychological capital development.

Imagine what it would be like if the leaders and their teams in your organisation acquired higher levels of PsyCap …

Sebastian Salicru


Sebastian is a Leadership Development Expert, Executive Coach and Facilitator (Business Psychologist). Working as a change agent, he assists corporate leaders and their team to successfully navigate and realise the business benefits of organisational change, and execute business strategy to achieve and sustain high performance, innovation and business results.