Once upon a time, a dissatisfied and confused young man went traveling around the world in search of meaning and purpose. One night, in one of the many villages he visited on his journey, he heard of an old wise man who helped young people to find success in life. The following morning, he visited the old man who lived very simply in a humble house.

The old man listened to the young man’s story of his quest for understanding, wisdom and happiness, then gave him a precious stone and said:

This is a very valuable stone that was once given to me by a person very dear to me. It has brought me good luck ever since. Now it is yours. Do whatever you want with it. You can either keep it or sell it it is worth a lot!

The young man left, thoughtful and puzzled. After a few days he returned to the old man and said:

I came back because what I would really like from you is whatever it is that prompted you to give me the precious stone.

Like all good leaders, the old man in the story modelled effective leadership behaviours that are bound to have a profound impact on others.

I wish you all a safe and healthy festive season and a very creative 2015!

Sebastian Salicru