Executive/ Leadership Coaching

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I work with the individuals who are critical to the success of your organisation, to accelerate their development.

This includes the people that would be very difficult to replace given their experience and intimate knowledge of your organisation’s path / supply value chain. As they have the tacit knowledge, which would take years to develop by others, they are strategically important to the organisation, and it is in your best interest to invest heavily in them.

Sebastian Salicru talking to a woman

Senior Leaders

These include C-suite Executives who have a strategic role to play in the future of their organisation, and are expected to guide and lead the enterprise (as a whole and/or specific business units or departments) by acting as forward-looking visionaries, setting direction and driving action through others.

Typically, these coaching assignments begin by conducting comprehensive 360-degree feedback (both quantitative and qualitative) to identify and assess specific needs, and ascertain how such senior level executives show up or are perceived by others as leaders. This enables us to set and align relevant organisational, and establish unique individual, development goals.

Established or Seasoned Leaders

These include Director-level leaders, managers or supervisors who typically need to: develop or adjust their leadership perspective; generate new ways of thinking and working; deepen their current skills/competencies; manage and lead change or large transformations; delegate and/or manage their time more effectively; develop individual or team accountability; motivate and inspire others; share a vision; increase team alignment and cohesion; engage and influence others to elevate performance, drive outcomes and deliver results; operate more strategically; and/or establish or develop their teams to reach higher levels of performance, and deliver innovation and measurable business results.

Emerging or High-potential Leaders

These include Early-level leaders, starting their leadership journey, who typically need to: increase their self-awareness; manage and lead themselves first – so they can then lead others; build relational and influencing skills; and acquire evidence-based leadership skills/competencies to enable them to successfully transition from individual experts or contributors to leaders of people and teams.

Simply put, I accelerate the development of emerging or high-potential leaders by putting ‘a rocket in their pocket’!

Senior Leaders

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