A Case of Global Leadership Development Best Practice

My colleagues and I will be presenting ‘A Case of Global Leadership Development Best Practice’ at the International Leadership Association’s 17th Annual Global Conference: ‘Leading Across Borders and Generations on October 14-17, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

Our presentation will be an opportunity to share, among other things, 14 general principles of global leadership development (GLD) best practice.

By attending this presentation, you will learn what global organisations need to consider when designing, implementing and evaluating GLD best practice programs with positive and significant long-term impact on organisational performance.

These findings that will be presented emerged from a unique case study evaluation conducted on a leadership development program in a global industry champion with over 180 years of history, approximately 18,000 employees of 120 nationalities and operations in more than 200 locations in almost 70 countries.

This program has been delivered for well-over a decade in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia, South Europe and Africa, and North Central Europe.

The International Leadership Association (ILA) is the foremost member association for individuals with a professional interest in leadership and leadership studies. Members of this association include researchers, educators, and practitioners from business, local communities and government sectors. The ILA promotes a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practices for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide.

You can register here.

I hope to see you there!


Sebastian Salicru (Business Psychologist) | Leadership Development Expert, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Researcher and Author | sss@pts.net.au | www.pts.net.au